Corporate Policies

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Corporate Policies

The Board of Directors is responsible for adopting and reviewing the relevance of the policies across the Group.

For the time being, the Group has developed the following policies:

  • A Code of Conduct was developed for IME International and is now adopted for the Group. The Directors of the Board, the Management and Employees have to comply with the Code. They should declare any potential conflicts of interest to safeguard the Group’s credibility and the trust of its stakeholders.
  • A whistleblowing policy that protects the whistleblowers who are reporting any suspicious incident in good faith. Anonymous reports are considered by the Group as well. Reports can be made using our website, by mail sent to our Head of the Audit, Risk and Compliance Department.
  • Various HR Policies, implemented by our HR department. They cover various topics such as recruitment, fair selection process, benefits, performance assessment, etc. The Employee Handbook is given to each employee. Inside, they are informed about the grievance mechanism set by IME Group.

Some entities have developed certain policies which might be relevant for their operations. For example, IME Construction has developed a safety policy, which was critical to be ISO certified.