Asset Management

Mineral Mining

Southern World Mining is a member of IME Group and it was incorporated in 2011.

Southern World Mining’s core business is mineral mining and exploration. SWM’s primary focuses are tin and tungsten. SWM has been awarded:

  • One small scales mining license, where SWM assessed the social and environmental impacts of its operations. MONREC approved the Environmental Management Plan. The operations started in late 2018. To monitor the potential effects, SWM and its partner, hired a third-party to conduct and test soil, water, air, noise and other parameters every six months and to share the results with the local community.
  • One large scale Tin & Tungsten exploration license in Fut Lat To Region, Myittta Township branch, Dawei, Thaninthayi Region where the large scale mine covers an area of approximately 868.89 acres.

SWM has a partner who operates the site. We share the project’s outcomes with them.

SWM aims to conduct its activities as responsibly as possible. The Company already managed to close one mine, nearby Mandalay. The company reconverted the site into a teak plantation. This site used to be  20 acres sites, and 15 acres of teak were planted. The MONREC considers this project as a benchmark.