Business Ethics

Business Ethics

Business Ethics


IME Group embraces the following principles:

The Group has a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination, corruption, and fraud.


A Code of Conduct was developed for IME International, and the Group is currently working to adopt a Code of Conduct.

For the time being, the Employees of IME International Code have to comply with it. Due to the nature of IME International’s activities, it convers to prevent for example unfair business practices, insider trading, conflict of interest, etc. Every employee receives a copy of the Code.

The Group has also adopted a whistleblowing policy, which facilitates the reporting of any potential breach, and suspicious practice. The Audit, Risk and Compliance department is responsible for: 

  • managing, investigating and monitoring the reports submitted.
  • reporting quarterly its activities on that matter to the Executive Management Board Committee.

The Group encourages anyone who has knowledge of a violation of any applicable law in Myanmar or of our Code of Conduct to report to chairman or ARC department using our contact form.


  • All the new hires by IME International received a copy of its Code of  Conduct.
  • Last year, one employee of IME International breached the Code of Conduct. Its contract was terminated.