Real Estate

60+ people are working for IME Property Company Limited, a member of IME Group. It was incorporated in 2013. IME Property’s core business is to focus on real-estate developments around Myanmar.

According to Mc Kinsey, the real Estate Sector will require US$ 100+ billion until 2030 to develop and upgrade infrastructure and key assets for the growing Myanmar population. It is obvious that the market potential relies on the rise of the middle-class.

Therefore, our positioning is clear: we develop projects and concepts which are consistent with the current market capacity and expectations. To make our project attractive, affordable and relevant for Myanmar Market, we prioritize:

  • The quality of the infrastructure, to make it future proof, and to consider various risk factors such as fire, earthquake, etc.
  • The optimization of the costs during the use phase of the building. We invest during the construction-phase to lower the costs related to energy and water consumption, waste management, etc.
  • The design, convenience, and accessibility of the buildings to contribute to providing our clients with a good quality of life. We won the Best Residential Interior Design at the Property Award in 2017.
  • Our capacity to deliver, on time, on quality and costs the projects we promised to our clients.

Currently, IME Property is developing two projects:

  • one residential and office tower project “The Leaf Residence & Tower” located in Hlaing Township, Yangon.
  • a resort project “Aramaw Nyaung Shwe Resort” which is located in Nyaung Shwe, Shan State.

There are a few development projects in the pipeline and the team is prudently studying the market demand and will launch the project when market demand accelerates.

The Leaf Residence & Tower


  • 4 towers built in Yangon, Hlaing township
  • 793,900 sq. ft. to be developed
  • Earthquake-proof
  • Basement on 2 levels to provide enough parking slots
  • Accessible to people with disability
  • Water treatment system
  • Best Condo Design Award
  • Best Residential Interior Design Award

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