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To Support The Country’s Development And Make A Better Future For All Stakeholders

IME Holdings Co., Ltd.

IME Holdings Co., Ltd. is a privately-owned diversified group of companies which was incorporated in 2011, and located at Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar. Since the founding of IME Holdings, IME Holdings has been able to gain trust and support from shareholders, clients and employees. With the support of all stakeholders, the group is able to diversify its business portfolio into many sectors such as Mineral Mining, Media & Services, Construction, Retail & E-Commerce, Real-Estate Development and Trading & Distribution.

IME Holdings is considered as a medium size company today; however, we are working very hard at every sector that we are in. At IME, employees are treated fairly and respected in all aspects. We also believe that human resource is the key to success, thus we are providing and offering rewarding career opportunity for employees at all levels. With the strong talented team, we are confident to achieve the goal of becoming one of the most trusted and leading companies in Myanmar.

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Mission (2017-2018)

  • To develop a comprehensive business ethics policy and implement it throughout all our businesses and make it the core of our corporation culture
  • To develop and implement a more efficient and effective reporting system throughout all businesses and departments, so that the decisions will not be delayed or inappropriate
  • To audit the system and processes of each department and implement a culture of continuous improvement throughout our businesses
  • To build a culture of listening to customers/market and try to continuously improve our products and services to satisfy customers’ needs
  • To build a stronger HR department which is able to facilitate, train and recruit qualified team members as the company grows
  • To look into the financial situation of each businesses and decide whether to scale up, maintain, or scale down the business activities. So that, the available resources go to the right operation.
  • To contribute to the society to make the society wants/needs us to be there with them
  • To make sure our business activities do not pollute any part of the already injured planet Earth, but implement at least one corporate initiative to heal the Earth

our milestones

  • Year 2011

    • IME Services Co., Ltd. was founded as printing service provider and publisher.

    • IME Construction Co., Ltd. was established to provide general construction and construction management services.

    • Southern World Mining Co., Ltd. was founded.
  • Year 2012

    • Southern World Mining Co., Ltd. was granted a gold mining license in Thabeikgyin, Mandalay Region.
  • Year 2013

    • IME Property Co., Ltd. was founded to play a part in real-estate industry.
  • Year 2014

    • Dailymart, the first online grocery market in Myanmar, was launched.
  • Year 2015

    • The Leaf Residence condominium project is launched.

    • IME International Co., Ltd. became sole distributor of Goodyear OTR tire in Myanmar.

    • Construction of Aramaw Resort (NyaungShwe) is started.

    • Southern World Mining Co., Ltd. obtained license for a large scale Tin and Tungsten exploration.


  • Year 2016

    • IME Holdings Co., Ltd. achieved the ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

    • Become authorized distributor of KNOX for generator, Goodyear and Triangle for tire, and YTO for Agriculture machinery.

Business Portfolio