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Trading business of IME began its operation in late 2014 by importing various types of used construction and mining machinery namely Dump Trucks, Excavators, Bulldozers, and Graders. Since the beginning of the business operation, trading division of IME was able to satisfy its customers and business expanded rapidly. This results in the founding of IME International with a vision to not only focus on importing and distributing of used machinery, but also partnered with international manufactures to distribute different products in Myanmar. In the mid of 2015, IME International Co., Ltd. was incorporated as a trading & distribution company.

As of April 2017, IME International Co., Ltd. is the authorized distributor of:

(i) Goodyear OTR Tires: The largest tire producer in the US, and one of the largest tire producers in
the world.
(ii) Triangle Tires: One of the largest tire producer in China.
(iii) YTO Tractors: The largest tractor producer in China.
(iv) KNOX Generators: One of the largest generator producer in China.

Our philosophy is to have 100% commitment on after sales services. Our customer service team is available to listen to customers, and to deliver the best possible solution within 24 hours. Our business development team is also always in the field to identify the challenges we face with our current product lines and services. Understanding our products and services make us find better solutions for all our customers.

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